NOVICIDE Disinfection Concentrate

The name NOVICIDE stands for the highest level of expertise and quality in the field of professional salon disinfection and hygiene.

  • NOVICIDE Concentrate guarantees full medical disinfection of hairdressing and cosmetic tools
  • Reliable and proven effective against all viruses (e.g. Covid-19), bacteria and fungi
  • Safe to use on smooth, non-porous surfaces and instruments made of stainless steel, glass, plastic and acrylic
  • Easy to mix and apply (Mixing ratio 50 ml concentrate to 1,000 ml water)
  • 15 minutes exposure time
  • The anti-rust formula protects expensive scissors, instruments, razors and shaving heads
  • Alcohol free


500 ml / 2,000 ml

EU Compliant

NOVICIDE meets the EU legal requirements for the disinfection of surfaces and instruments.

Minimizes the risk of the transmission of diseases, therefore protecting your staff and customers.

Optimal exposure time for scissors, combs and instruments is 15 minutes, but should not stay in the solution overnight!

NOVICIDE Disinfectant Spray

NOVICIDE Disinfectant Spray is designed to disinfect smooth, non-porous surfaces and instruments made of stainless steel, glass, plastic and acrylic.

  • Ready to Use
  • Safe and effective on any non-porous surface or instruments
  • Effective against enveloped viruses (e.g. Covid-19), fungi and bacteria, as well as non-enveloped viruses
  • 3 minutes exposure time
  • Alcohol free


1,000 ml / 5,000 ml (Refill Canister)


The exclusive 5-in-1 formula for hair clippers and scissors, disinfects, lubricates, cleans, cools and prevents rust all in one simple step.

  • Disinfects: Effective against all viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Lubricates: NOVICIDE Blade Care leaves a thin film of oil which reduces friction and keeps the blades sharp
  • Cleans: Aerosol spray blows hair, dust and particles out of the teeth of the shaving heads
  • Cools: Aerosol spray cools blades on contact
  • Prevents rust: The anti-rust formula protects the shaving heads and extends the life of the hair clippers
  • 3 minutes exposure time


500 ml Aerosol Spray

NOVICIDE Disinfection and Hygiene Plan

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