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New!ūüĆĶSeyfnstein¬ģ - Hair Color Remover Pads & Fluid

INTRODUCING¬†SEYFNSTEIN¬ģ, our newest brand of professional cosmetic products. The first product is one you all know and love, our best selling Hair Color Remover Pads and Fluid.¬†The same great product and performance,
now¬†SEYFNSTEIN¬ģ Hair Color Pads & Fluid.¬†

In the future we plan to expand the¬†SEYFNSTEIN¬ģ assortment with new and innovative cosmetic products for the professional salon and beauty industry.¬†
The launch of the¬†SEYFNSTEIN¬ģ product¬†assortment,¬†is the symbol for our constant product development and¬†continuous growth as a company.¬†

Stylist know the problem:¬†All to often after coloring, unwanted¬†¬†color residue remains on the client‚Äôs skin.¬†SEYFNSTEIN¬ģ Hair Color Remover Pads and Fluid are the perfect solution,¬†as they effectively¬†remove all traces of dark, stubborn color residue¬†¬†from the skin, without harsh rubbing. Thanks to its formula with¬†¬†Aloe Vera,¬†Seyfnstein¬ģ Pads or Fluid are especially gentle and soothing to the skin.

For Professional and  Effective Removal of Color Residue From The Skin

Seyfnstein¬ģ Hair Color Remover Pads¬†¬†/ 80 Pads

Seyfnstein¬ģ Hair Color Remover Fluid¬†¬†/ 250ml

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